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 JB Software Consultant offers our clients VoIP to help them to be more mobile & productive and we are becoming known for our aggressive pricing. Plus we provide fax from your phone, laptop, desktop, and tablet. We make sure we offer a smooth provisioning experience that is tailored to your need, we have engineers that will make sure that all your VOIP installations are done right the first time and walk you through the process of setting up your VOIP system.  VOIP is a very robust and Hosted VoIP platform that can integrate with your existing PBX seamlessly, which means you can keep the same corporate dial plan while migrating to the cloud on your schedule. JB Software Consultant is great for your business also you see the benefits of hosted services for all locations. JB Software Consultant VoIP comes with standard features, we also have plans with optional features, like call recording, call flipping, and integration with your favorite device so you can customize your company experience.

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